Atzaró Cape Town

The ultimate Mother City stay at the perfectly placed small luxury hotel Cape Town

At the foot of Table Mountain and on the city’s edge, discover spectacular far-reaching views, nature abundant, the city vibrant and the ambiance of Africa’s spirit as you relax in comfort and style at this small luxury hotel favourite.


The intimate, yet spacious, small luxury hotel has seven suites, multiple lounging and dining areas, wellness suite with gym, and numerous sun-drenched terraces for private moments in the sun. Poolside enjoys a braai-style barbeque and 360 vistas as far as the eye can see. The prime location with Table Mountain and the National Park on the doorstep, and the city bowl beyond, makes your luxury Cape Town stay unrivalled.


From the moment you step into your suite, you are enveloped in a world of sophistication and serenity, whether lounging on your private terrace or unwinding in spacious bedrooms. The attention to detail is impeccable, from the comfort to the personalised service provided by the attentive staff. Every aspect of your small luxury hotel Cape Town stay ensures an unforgettable experience.

Concierge & Safari

Concierge and Safari services offer a blend of luxury, convenience, and personalised assistance, tailored to meet the many needs of your unique Cape Town stay. Our team will help you with everything from restaurant reservations to wine tours, natural wonder visits, and safari beyond, creating personalised itineraries. Your African journey is further enriched on safari with the adventure of the wild at Atzaró Okavango Camp.

Exclusive Use

Nestled amidst breathtaking natural surroundings, the property provides a secluded sanctuary for discerning guests seeking an unparalleled retreat. From the moment of arrival guests are greeted with bespoke experiences tailored to their preferences, ensuring a truly unforgettable stay. Spacious and exquisitely designed spaces, seamlessly blending contemporary elegance with African essence, ensuring the best small luxury hotel Cape Town experience.

Rates & Conditions

Discover the rates and conditions to arrange your stay at Atzaró Cape Town and prepare for the ultimate luxury South African getaway, mountainside. Perfectly placed on the city’s edge and with Table Mountain on the doorstep, this small luxury hotel is the place to be to enjoy a mix of culture and nature in luxurious accommodation.

Discover an exclusive small luxury hotel Cape Town stay, with Atzaró Group hospitality and style, at Atzaró Cape Town. At the perimeter of the city bowl and at Table Mountain’s foot you find the imposing property, mid-century in style, at one with the surrounding mountain-scape. Inviting with an expansive and open feeling, in harmony with the spectacular views, every suite, lounge and terrace are abundant with light and space, leaving you feeling relaxed at this exclusive getaway.

Whether visiting just the Cape or including the stay in a full safari and city experience, Atzaró Cape Town offers the perfect escape on the Mother City’s perimeter. The large spacious suites, optimised with the stunning location, provide the best small luxury hotel Cape Town experience. Mountainside holiday heaven awaits, starting your days in the wellness suite gym and yoga studio, the sauna and massage room, then deciding your breakfast. After your nature-loving hike or bike perched above the city bowl, you discover the joy of South Africa, residing in ultimate luxury, up high in the views with the mountain at Atzaró Cape Town.